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Every second of the day, the world shares another incredible video on the web. Devastating tornadoes wiping out entire towns. Fascinating close encounters with great white sharks. Epic backflip base jumps off the edge of a cliff. When people capture unforgettable moments on video, those moments never die.

But what if video experiences were not just incredible – but interactive? What if videos captured not just where we point the camera – but the entire moment? If virtual reality is the future of the tech world, then Facebook just took another big step closer. The social network now supports immersive 360-degree videos in the News Feed.

Welcome to the Future of Video

So, what can you expect from this futuristic new 360-degree video technology? A lot.

First, view every angle of a video by swiping, tilting or swinging a smartphone. You can also “grab” the screen on a desktop computer and pan in any direction. Basically, you can look in any direction – not just where the camera is pointing. It’s a wild new experience – something you should definitely check out.

Big Wigs Climb Aboard

As part of the official rollout, a few big names published a 360-degree video of their own as marketing material. Star Wars, Saturday Night Live and GoPro top the list.

Facebook’s first 360-degree video was an exclusive experience promoting the upcoming Star Wars movie. Saturday Night Live invited users to join a live audience for its 40th-anniversary show. And GoPro welcomed users to an exciting dirt bike joy ride across the Idaho desert.

We can only expect more brands and businesses to enter the new realm of virtual reality video.

Experience 360 Degree Video

The radical new way to experience media finally merges the worlds of photographic video and video games. Want to experience the future of video for yourself? Here’s a sneak peek at Red Bull’s F1 360-degree experience. And don’t forget to “grab” the screen for the full 360 effect!

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