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President and partner at Bowen Media, Natalie Bowen, was selected to be a recipient of the Long Island Business News 30 Under 30 Award. The award ceremony was held at The Piermont in Babylon, NY on September 13th, 2018. She was recognized for her exceptional contribution to businesses across Long Island through branding, digital marketing, and web design.

The influential award honors the bright and dynamic young professionals who are under the age of 30, who contribute to the Long Island community through public services and who have made significant strides in business.

As Bowen’s President, Natalie brings 10 years of experience and a creative vision of positive change to both her team and clients each and every day. Her work improves and elevates organizations spanning all industries.

Natalie proudly leads an in-house and global team of talented designers, developers, strategists, account managers and marketers. Her professional mission is to use design and creative thinking to support companies and organizations who aim to make the world a better place.

An award-winning artist, designer, and entrepreneur, Natalie has nurtured client relationships from around the world prior to becoming President of Bowen Media. Her career allows her to use her creative talents and abilities to positively impact the world around her. Natalie is also a long time advocate for individualized education and female empowerment in technology, politics and leadership.

Natalie attended Fordham University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Digital Media. She also attended NYU where she completed courses in the MS Integrated Marketing Program.

An ambitious career woman, Natalie has worked in every facet of the creative agency world. She has worked as an executive assistant, web designer and developer, department head in national and global sales, project manager, account manager, creative director, COO and is now the President of a thriving digital agency. She champion’s Bowen Media’s cause to help mid to large size businesses in her community think, act and look better.

Taking the time to understand the needs of her clients, Natalie helps clients operate more efficiently, meet their short-and-long-term business goals and strategize a plan for the future.

Outside of her work at Bowen Media, Natalie gathers inspiration by traveling the world with her husband, attending summits and conferences within her industry, creating works of art with all mediums, and spending time with her loving family.

We are thrilled to celebrate Natalie’s tremendous accomplishment and success and thank her for her dedication and incredible work at Bowen Media.

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