Over Half a Century of Excellence.

If you’ve spent any time in New York, you might have stepped inside a J. Petrocelli masterpiece. Since the 1950’s, J. Petrocelli Contracting has been building iconic, monumental structures. The Petrocelli family pride themselves on their precision, craftsmanship, and delivering on time and within budget. While building a business on reputation alone has brought them great success, 2016 was the year they chose to display their extraordinary capabilities on the web.

Building Vision.

Our team gathered with the JPs and listened to their story and vision. We immediately respected their attention to detail, artistic talents, and the recognition that outstanding web deliverables could provide deep value—and build upon their long-standing reputation. Together, we vectorized a hand crafted logo, crafted web copy, and stood on the 60th floor of an in-progress building to capture incredible photography. The site features uncommon yet intuitive navigation, a beautiful portfolio, material design, and a responsive experience.

“When it was time for us to put together a new website, we carefully looked at many companies who could help us. We decided on Bowen Media due the look of some of the sites they had already created and liked what we saw. They worked closely with us to gain knowledge about our business but more importantly, they got to the heart of our corporate identity and understood the image we wanted to project with our site.”

Joe Civitano

Plans & Safety Administrator

High Rise Opportunity.

The day the new J. Petrocelli Contracting website website launched, the company received their first organic inbound lead. Our impression, verbatim: “We saw this simple inquiry as a sign: regardless of how large your network (is)...a website creates a window to the world, and the results can surprise you.” We are deeply proud that our work reflects not only their legacy, but also the immense contribution J. Petrocelli Contracting continues to make to the industry today.