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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation services have transformed the capacity and efficiency of campaigns in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. The time efficiency afforded by automation software has transformed the way brands connect with their audience today, at scale, while providing remarkable personalization and data gathering.

Being able to seamlessly integrate your CRM with digital marketing software allows for personalized marketing messaging at scale, while tying it to crystal clear returns.

The data gleaned from these marketing activities allows you to understand your audience at a truly remarkable level – what parts of your website they visit, what emails they open, and what approach qualified leads respond to most favorably. Diligently monitoring the results of your marketing communications facilitates savvy presentation of important resources and information, allowing you to get the most out of your key pushes.

Automation puts hours back in the hands of your team that can be better spent on innovating and revenue-generating tasks. Acting as a support system to your sales pipeline, automation software can manage follow-up, upsell, cross-sell, and move inbound prospects through the sales funnel all the way to purchase.

At the base level, marketing automation allows you to reach far more people, without having to reinvent the wheel at each point of contact. It can be daunting to keep up with multiple social media platforms, e-blasts, follow-up emails, and SMS notifications. Having an automation strategy in place allows you to handle much more of these initiatives, and with striking consistency.

It’s hard to ignore the tremendous advantages that automation permits for cold outreach and communication with qualified prospects. Requiring your team to perform manual upkeep for these tasks is often a mismanagement of time and talent.

Most people are familiar with the “abandoned cart” email – you go to an ecommerce website, add something to your cart, but leave before completing the purchase. Then, you receive a follow-up email urging you to complete your purchase. This is one clear-cut example of marketing automation with a marked efficiency everyone is familiar with, which yields businesses millions a year in additional revenue that would have been lost without these efforts.

The potential savings on time are extraordinary, and marketing automation experts are able to take this to an even further level with the data collected. Replacing sale’s team’s manual follow-up with carefully scheduled “nudge” emails or related literature puts hours of time back in the team’s pockets, allowing them to focus more on revenue-generating tasks. When it comes to tradeshow follow-up, this can be a significant competitive edge (especially in less tech-savvy industries).

Still, digital marketing automation can go so much deeper than this. Different audience segments require different approaches, and learning how to best communicate with your prospects is one of the most effective ways to increase your return on investment. There are a host of different solutions to choose from, such as ringless voicemails, text push notifications, and social media push notifications.

Our marketing automation consultants are able to string together intricate follow-up sequences, spanning days and cross-selling products without the need for human involvement. The tools available allow an agency to see which conversations a user is engaging with, then send tailored follow-up related to that precise pain point. They can be programmed to understand two sales objectives align, and push a cross-sell sequence at the time the user is most likely to need to make the second purchase.

If your business places a high premium on qualified lead generation, automation tools provide unparalleled insights into what conversations are truly moving the needle in your buyer’s journey. Automation CRM’s store each data point, allowing you to truly know which offer brought in more sales, and what items perform best with discount offers. They allow you to learn which of your common points of engagement is the primary driver of action, allowing you to focus content creation initiatives on high-impact topics.

Carefully using this information to nurture engagement and establish a more intimate, long-term relationship with your brand results in increased sales, a higher lifetime value of each customer, and firmer brand loyalty.

We tirelessly analyze this data to discover new opportunities, using real-time audience feedback to continuously dial-in your messaging to make sure it resonates as strongly as possible. By tactfully utilizing audience segmentation and testing, we are able to see which versions of a message resonate the most with specific groups of your audience, how frequently they prefer to be contacted, and the precise medium where they prefer to be contacted.

BOWEN uses marketing automation to integrate multiple points of brand contact, allowing you to develop a seamless omnichannel marketing strategy. We’re up to date with the latest marketing automation trends, and are passionate about finding the best CRM to match your business’ workflow. We understand the different needs of different businesses, and develop unique automation systems to maximize the specific benefits for your goals.

If you’re ready to leverage your data to unprecedented levels and gain a deeper understanding of what drives your revenue, automation is one of the finest opportunities available. Give us a call to discuss your current sales pipeline, and how automation can further your marketing efforts.