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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

There is no form of marketing more measurable than digital media buying. Even the least savvy consumers are aware that companies like Google and Facebook are collecting their data for use with advertisements. This allows for profoundly accurate targeting options, allowing your organization’s marketing message to be seen by those most likely to engage.

Beyond targeting, digital media buying services offer the most refined data gathering and in-depth analysis possible. This enables marketers to clearly illustrate the cost of advertising placements and the return on individual campaigns.

Advertising media buyers are able to show you not just which platforms elicited the best results, but which versions of the campaigns outperformed the others. This allows organizations to steer new marketing initiatives according to what is yielding the highest level of buyer response, as well as focus their marketing budget on the most effective versions of their ads.

Why Digital Advertising Works

There are some who are still skeptical about digital advertising initiatives, due to unfamiliarity or perceptions of an “easy money dump” associated with this strategy. Paradoxically, they often accept the effectiveness of traditional advertising placements such as billboards, television commercials, and print ads.

The advantage digital advertising has over these traditional placements is in the data gathering. When you purchase a billboard ad, you may receive some estimates on how many people pass through the area, but you’ll never know how many of those people were realistic prospects for your offering. After all, not everyone on their morning commute needs a new car, a lawyer, or a dentist.

This issue persists within TV and print inserts. You may know how many viewers were watching, or how many subscribers a magazine has, but you will not be able to tell who actively considered a purchase (let alone who executed).

Another issue is that magazines can end up in the trash or be skimmed, resulting in the reader missing your advertisement completely. When it comes to TV, it’s common for modern viewers to get up during commercial breaks, talk with friends, or entertain themselves on their smartphones. Yet the traditional metrics available will still count these missed opportunities, muddying the waters of how successful these ads truly were. Beyond these factors, it’s still unclear how many people in this audience have a credible interest in your offering, and could be driven to take action.

The benefit digital media buying offers to remedy this is twofold: you get to deeply refine and understand which demographics are responding well to your advertisements, as well as track who actually committed to purchase. This is incredibly useful, as there are demographics who react loudly but do not commit as heavily. You also get to learn about your audience on a granular level, moving beyond assumptions of “who this product makes sense for,” and gain clear insight into “who is truly purchasing the most.”

The human mind is an interesting thing, and the back-end analytics provided by digital media buying platforms can show you sides of your audience beyond your original expectations. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Undiscovered or less vocal demographics can yield profit margins in a niche of which your competition is not even aware. A media buying agency can be an invaluable partner in getting the most out of your media buying strategy.

What Does Digital Media Offer That TV Advertising Does Not?

One of the strongest unique selling propositions of digital advertising is the ability to retarget the audience who engaged with your content. Those who watched a certain percentage of video content viewed a specific page of your website or completed a form can be served personalized messaging over a period of time.

This expands your data gathering even further, showing you how many times a target audience needs to see your message before they take the desired action. You’re also able to analyze where you lost potential prospects in a way that ads without analytics simply cannot provide.

Top media buying agencies can interpret data and tie it to a strategy to optimize each communication touchpoint. Organizations can now understand how many users completed watching a video, clicked through to a website, and completed a form – and using various tools, they can also understand which of these is the “weak” link to improve upon.

Google Ads Experts

The theory is one thing, but the execution is another matter entirely. As Google ads partners, we are intimately acquainted with the nuance of what makes digital ads work.

We’ve attended digital ad summits at Google headquarters, due to our success with Google Ads for businesses. Our employees have even debated data privacy in Washington think tanks, conducted studies, and co-authored academic papers on the topic.

Whenever there is a new update to ad platforms, we devote significant time to training and updating best practices. Learning and evolving our approach to digital ad buying is what keeps our campaigns performing at a high level, and is well worth the time spent keeping up to date with these very complex and in-depth tools.

Media Buying Platforms

While we are a proud Google Ads partner agency, we are also experienced Facebook Ad buyers as well. There is a broad spectrum of media buying platforms available in the digital space, and we are tenacious in our dedication to mastering all of them.

Quality Google Ads management requires certain key disciplines to run effectively, while programmatic media buying may require others. Knowing which platforms are best for your business, and being able to execute the best results on each respective platform, is something we are truly passionate about.

An agency partner’s guidance can add value to marketing teams that already have ad campaigns running. A lot of businesses run ad campaigns, and unknowingly make mistakes that drive up costs. We challenge any company to reach out to us for an ad account audit – we haven’t seen one where we were unable to make cost-effective recommendations.