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Website Hosting

Web hosting is often underappreciated, and impacts more than you may think. How fast your website loads content, how vulnerable it is to security risks, and much more depend entirely on your web host. If you are a professional organization, it should be a priority to ensure your website is set up in the most secure and scalable way possible.

As a growth driven partner for our clients, we build in a phase-oriented, growth-driven approach. As a result, their marketing strategy is always expanding and becoming more robust. Your website has to be able to accommodate this evolution, which is where web hosting can make a significant impact.

Scalable design starts with properly hosting your website, so future design overhauls and ambitious long-term projects do not slow your site to a crawl. If you end up in a position where you need more bandwidth, it’s easy to get you there when the hosting is under control.

Simply hosting your site in the right place can instantly impact user experience, SEO rankings, security, and overall brand credibility. Speed is critical for optimal user experience, and the speed of your site directly affects SEO rankings.

Of course, the opposite is also true. Unmanaged hosting can result in bloated code, lessened UX, and an ultimately unfavorable first impression of your brand. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking for us to see business owners miss out on the advantages of quality hosting.

From a security perspective, it’s also critical for brands to control this initial point of contact. Websites that are not properly hosted are much more likely to get hacked or lose crucial data.

For example, if your hosting has a dedicated server in New York City, a power outage on the East Coast can take your site offline. You’ll want to have reliable backups, across varied locations to get your site back up as soon as possible.

Choosing the wrong hosting provider can cause extended downtime. Worse, if the host has an irregular or missing data redundancy plan, key content may be lost forever.

Our approach avoids these pitfalls by ensuring daily backups are in place, allowing you to roll back your site to the most recent version in the event of an outage. We have a full recovery plan in place for when sites go down. The team receives immediate notifications should your site go down, and work directly with hosting providers to get you back up and running.

The larger your organization, the more critical it is to have these plans in place. However, unless you have a technical background, the dashboards associated with these procedures are not user-friendly. This can cause additional holdup in the process, and is a great example of the complications our clients prefer to avoid.

Professional organizations need to implement responsible hosting solutions. In the modern age, your web presence is the foremost point of contact with your audience – and your web hosting sets the foundation for the rest of their experience. Make sure your site has solid ground under it by reaching out to Bowen to discuss solutions.