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Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Developing and managing website content is an important part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Simply put, the right content development process is critical in making your web strategy a success. Great design is only half the battle. You cannot be successful without a strong content strategy.

Your digital content plan should be oriented towards securing a regular stream of traffic from a qualified, targeted audience. This is done by employing content management best practices, including heavy keyword research and competitor analysis to determine what conversations your niche is having. By developing an idea of what your audience is already talking about, you can align your digital content strategy to best serve them.

At the same time, your content has to match your brand’s authentic voice, while demonstrating your expertise in the services you provide. Integrating your brand’s core values, style of communication, and brand perception into your web content is absolutely critical. In many cases, this is your first impression to your audience. If they are researching solutions in your industry, it may also very well be the second and third.

Website Content Development

At Bowen, our web design strategy begins to inform a content framework as early as the website outline, or “wireframe.” This is the point where many businesses get lost or don’t have the time to manage their web content efforts. Often, have a general idea of what type of content their website needs, but internally allocating the hours to develop ideas and copy can be daunting.

There are also considerations for website strategy that need to be addressed. How many topics will a well-designed web page have? Which sections of the content should we spend the most time on? What information is going to appeal to people who are not already familiar with the brand? Once an idea has been documented, what is the next step to be taken?

These are all valid questions, and the answers should align with your business’ content marketing goals. Different brands require different approaches, and clear on-site journeys need to be established for key segments of your audience.

We know that finalizing website copy is the #1 roadblock in companies getting to the finish line of their web development projects. Our ability to execute accelerates launch timelines, and establishes a consistent brand voice across the site.

That’s why we try to finalize text in wireframes to make sure our design is complimenting the message, instead of chucking in lorem ipsum and calling it a day. We know trying to shoehorn in additional copy later can ruin designs, or cause the vision of your project’s end goal to become compromised – so we take every step to prevent that from happening.

The Elements of Content Strategy

Our content strategists work with your team to build a strategic meaning to every piece of content that is tied to your brand. We establish a content roadmap, establishing your content marketing framework on a timeline prioritized for impact.

In our initial audit of the competitive landscape, we will determine what content mediums best serve your audience. Whether it’s infographics, interactive experiences, or long-form blog posts, we will develop ideas preconditioned to be well received by your audience. Accepted website design strategies will be brought to life by our in-house design team, formatted in line with web content best practices. Revisions will be executed with your collaboration to make sure each asset aligns with your brand.

Strategic Website Design

If you’re looking to improve or build a targeted content marketing strategy that progresses your business, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to see what our content strategists can do to make sure your brand is being appropriately perceived and considered online.