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Logo + Brand Identity Design

Humans are visual creatures. Designing the right brand identity for your product or service quickly builds a subconscious association between core values, alluring imagery, and a trustworthy brand. Having a cohesive logo design plays a significant role in building relationships, and anchoring brand perception across communication channels.

The traditional brand identity design process often starts with a logo and works its way out. While our growth-driven design process may prioritize strategy, wireframing or even publishing content first to evaluate real-time feedback from your audience, we still put logos high up on the to-do list — it’s near impossible to build a brand without one.

Logos Designed for Trust

Any branding agency can give you a convoluted, 30-slide presentation about the components of a logo, the meaning behind it, and how it works for your goal. When it comes down to it, a logo is actually what you see: A sleek, bite-sized symbol for your brand that clings to the memory of your audience.

There will be many instances where you don’t have the luxury of time, space, or in-person discussions to explain what you do (and why you do it best). A logo — even a simple one — can take on some of that burden and give your potential customers an idea of who you are in an instant.

The key to crafting a good logo isn’t thinking about the visuals you enjoy, but rather what’s most effective for your audience.

Creative agency logo design certainly gives audiences a reason to stare longer. Symbols and hidden meanings can be a fun way to hold eyeballs and generate curiosity. That said, some creative agency logos can be too clever for their own good, obfuscating what your brand truly does or stands for. There are some circumstances where this is the right path for your brand, but other times a more conservative approach is warranted.

Corporate branding services often end up using lettermark logos that put your company’s name front and center… and pretty much nothing else. They can be effective for a brand’s debut or refamiliarizing yourself to lapsed customers. But they may leave something to be desired in terms of creativity and leaving a meaningful impression. This can also be a miscalculation in maximizing the impact of your brand identity. Finding the right balance for your industry is essential.

Abstract logos have the power to incite imagination, desire and aspirational thinking. For an educated or studied audience, it might be the right call. For a brand new audience or B2B viewership, it could be more distracting than selling. Knowing the vantage point your brand seeks to occupy in the minds of the target audience is integral in determining the right fit for you.

Brand Identity Design Services

Our philosophy on logo and branding services falls back on a simple concept: intention. If something is being written, designed or created, there needs to be a reason for it. This is by far the most important pillar of brand identity design services.

In dreaming up logos, our logo design artists like to ask questions about how brands see themselves in the world — or where they see their organization in 10 years. It may seem odd to ask this in this context,, but that perspective helps inform the identity components that define your brand.

We also like to look in places you might not ordinarily consider. For example, what situations will your logo most likely be used? Would you consider making adjustments to it based on the circumstances? This will become important when creating a brand identity guide for designers. You’ll want to control how much your brand can be altered, or should remain untouched, depending on the medium.

A good logo works in virtually any environment. It’s why we bring things like color, opacity and dimensionality into close consideration before we send it to print. If you’re not building a logo with both the digital and physical worlds in mind, you’re likely to end up underwhelmed in one or both.

Is it time to rethink your brand’s logo design?

If it’s been more than ten years since you’ve refreshed your logo, it’s definitely time for another look. The tides of design move quickly, and what made sense a decade ago looks dated today. Not to mention, you may not even be the same brand you were ten years ago.

Let’s talk. It could be 5 minutes, it could be an hour. Just give us an idea of why you need a logo (or update), and we’ll know what questions to ask. Diving into your organization, its values and where it’s headed, we’ll have a few logos in mind before we even hang up the phone.

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