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Content Strategy

Content strategy. It’s one one of those terms that sounds like everything… and nothing. All at once.

The truth is, content strategy is more a blueprint than anything. We think of it as a thoughtful method for creating, publishing and distributing your content to targeted audiences. Nothing more, nothing less.

Consider some of the brands and websites you admire — when you look closely, every message has a purpose. There are no errant blog posts or thoughtless e-blasts. There’s a reason for why the words are on the page, and that reason is a good content strategy.

Identifying Good Content Strategy

It looks effortless when you see it, but good content marketing typically comes from months or even years of strategizing and planning. It’s any decent digital marketing agency’s job to segment audience groups, build out shareworthy assets and select the most effective distribution methods.

To start, we like to ask a few key questions of our partners:

Who are you speaking to? Is it existing customers? New customers? Both? It all comes into consideration when you’re developing blogs, web ads and even landing pages designed for either conversion or retention.

How often do you plan on speaking? Think about your customers’ appetites. Some user bases require constant contact, others prefer a white glove experience, while still others like to reserve communication for the necessities alone.

Where can you find your audience? As a creative agency, we love to show our chops — but never at the expense of a sale. Wherever your audience wants to meet, build your content strategy around meeting them there. And do eye-catching, award-winning work in the places that actually count.

Where do you see this going? Reliable content marketing is scalable and moves with the times. Brands can make the mistake of pledging themselves to one medium or mode of communication, while they’d almost always be better served by casting the net wide and leaving room to grow across multiple channels.

Let’s Talk

There’s so much more to content strategy than what a blog can tell you. The real work starts when you go dive headfirst into a brand with a unique voice, tone and positioning.

As part of our branding services, we’re happy to provide a serious, in-depth look at your content and the way it's developed. Together, we’ll find ways to get it in the hands of serious customers, helping draw them closer to a conversion and keep them coming back for repeat business. Fill out our contact form or schedule a call to begin.